A sanctuary was originally a holy place, a temple…

It was always my living space too. Perhaps I had identified with it too much. Everything in my temple was me. The objects, the altars, the energy. Everything placed just so. Pleasing to the eye. Telling of my travels and my soul. My taste, my artistry.

I decided when I left the safety and sanctuary of this temple I had designed┬áthat I needed to create this holy space in whatever circumstance I found myself in. To go into my temple inside and bow down to the moment of teaching, whether I was staying in someone else’s house, in my car or on an airplane between continents. Whether it was in the chaos of a city street or in the midst of a difficult decision. Whether in a moment of sadness or a moment of joy. Whether I felt safe and comfortable or lost out in the world without support or nurturing.

This is the ability to know and trust oneself and dive into our inner resource of faith and appreciate each moment as a part of this quest of the soul.